cPanel/WHM Transfers

cPanel account transfers consist of accounts that are hosted on a cPanel/WHM based server, you may check this by visiting (replace with your website address).
If your site is hosted on a cPanel/WHM based server, a transfer can be requested by contacting our support staff here.
(Please ensure that you have the login credentials to your cPanel and the backup tool is available in your cPanel account)

Manual Account Transfers

Manual account transfers consist of accounts which are not hosted within a cPanel/WHM environment, such environments include Plesk, DirectAdmin, Helm & customized panels made directly by your old host. If your site does not use cPanel/WHM then you will require a manual site transfer. We have written an extensive guide for users whom wish to follow through the process of performing the transfer themselves here.

Alternatively users can request our support team to perform the transfer on your behalf. This service is charged at a rate of $120.00 per hour.
For further information please contact us or our support team here.

  • Resellers have the ability to transfer a maximum of 10 accounts per day


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