Stored data on each server is being backed up for up to a 30 day period on all Economy, Business, & Reseller hosting services, up to 90 days for stealth plans. We would like to note that these backups are made for server restoration purposes only. It is your responsibility to maintain local copies of your account data. A "Backup/Restore" feature is included in cPanel with each hosting plan and you can use this tool to back up your files.

Self service restorations

Click Restore performs backups daily and stores them offsite for up to 30 days (up to 90 days for stealth plans). A quick summary of Click Restore:

1. Easy browse, restore or download via cPanel, as well as the ability to restore website files, databases, emails and more
2. Daily backups stored for up to 30 days on Economy, Business and Reseller servers, up to 90 days on Stealth servers
3. Stored off-site where data is verified weekly
4. Included free of charge with all plans purchased with PANTHUR
We have created several video guides highlighting how to use the Click Restore function within cPanel:

- How to access Click Restore
- How to restore a website and files
- How to restore a database
- How to restore emails

Staff requested restorations

Users who require a backup to be restored by PANTHUR staff for them will incur a service fee of $49.00 per restoration request.