To change the payment method for all invoices sent by PANTHUR, login to your members area scroll down to the section referenced 'Default Payment Method', please select the payment method you wish to use from the drop down and it will be setup as your default payment method.

Note: This will change all future invoices generated for any services attached to your account to the new payment method selected.

Automatic Credit Card Payments
To add your credit card for automatic payments visit and click on 'Delete the Saved Card Details' to delete an expired credit card. Then add your new credit card details. Once you have added your credit card visit and select 'Default Payment Method' as Credit Card, and all future invoices generated will be billed automatically.

PayPal Subscription
Automatic PayPal subscriptions can be setup to process payments automatically from your PayPal account, you will need to wait until the next invoice is generated. Once it is generated. please visit then select 'Pay Now' besides the invoice. A drop down box at the top of the invoice will appear, select 'PayPal' then select the 'PayPal Subscribe' button.