Every domain name hosted by PANTHUR is now protected by a 256-bit domain-validated SSL Certificate supplied by Let's Encrypt.

AutoSSL is the new answer to one of the most common questions we get asked at PANTHUR - "How do I secure my website?". AutoSSL is enabled by default across all cPanel accounts with PANTHUR and means no more worrying about setting up email forwarders to approve SSL certificates, no more trying to figure out how to install the SSL, and a reduction in cost that everyone can take advantage of.

How do I get AutoSSL?

You don't have to do anything - AutoSSL is already enabled on your cPanel hosting account and the certificates will automatically be installed. Please note: your www and non-www domain must be pointing towards the PANTHUR server for AutoSSL to complete validation and issue a certificate. Please also note that the certificate issuer for AutoSSL certificates will appear as either "cPanel, Inc." or "Let's Encrypt".

What happens when my AutoSSL expires?

AutoSSL certificates are automatically installed by our servers and are valid for up to 90 days each - once they reach 87 days old they'll automatically renew.

What about my addon domains, subdomains, and alias domains - surely they're not protected?

AutoSSL automatically protects your main domain, addon domains and subdomains. Aliases are only protected if the primary domain is using AutoSSL and not covered by another type of certificate.

I can see the AutoSSL installed on my account, but I want to purchase a paid extended validation certificate - can I do this?

Many users will still want to use our paid certificates such as the True Business ID (EV) which provides the 'green bar' in your browser. You can still purchase the certificate normally from https://www.panthur.com.au/security/ssl however the paid SSL would need to be uninstalled in cPanel if you wanted to switch back to using AutoSSLs in future.

I can see the AutoSSL in my cPanel account, what else do I need to do?

You'll need to reconfigure your site to use the SSL certificate - depending on what software you're using you may need to reconfigure the database. PANTHUR recommends speaking with your developer to find out the right solution for you, otherwise you can submit a ticket and our team can advise you. If you're using WordPress on your site we have a great article which outlines the steps required to take advantange of AutoSSL here - we recommend completing steps 1,2 and 4.

I've reconfigured my site to use SSL but the padlock isn't green and it has a cross through it?

This indicates that you haven't fully configured all elements of your site to use the SSL certificate. We recommend viewing the source code of your site in your browser and checking for any elements such as 'src=http://' to locate images or resources using non-SSL serving. Ultimately if a single element is served over http:// then it will take the site off SSL status as it is no longer fully secure.

One of my domains is missing the AutoSSL certificate, what happened?

There could be a variety of reasons for a missing AutoSSL - most commonly it means that Let's Encrypt was unable to validate your domain - ie. the domain wasn't pointing to our server at the time they checked, or your .htaccess file was blocking access to the validation file. Other reasons include already having an SSL certificate installed for that domain - you'll need to remove any previously installed certificates if you want the AutoSSL.

If your cPanel hosting account is newly setup please allow up to 48 hours for the AutoSSL certificate to be issued by Let's Encrypt - they only scan once per day to reduce the load on your site.

Can I use CloudFlare or Sucuri?

Unfortunately AutoSSL is not compatible with CloudFlare or Sucuri protected sites or any other service which proxies your website www and non-www records. The www and non-www records must point directly to our server IP address to be eligible for an AutoSSL certificate.

AutoSSL is free, why would I pay for one of your other certificates?

The other certificates we offer require a higher level of validation of your organisation - ie. phone validation, or checking a Dunn & Bradstreet filing for your company. These certificates include features such as dynamic browser seals, or the 'green bar' in the URL. Ultimately the free AutoSSL will suit the needs of most individuals - if you're unsure feel free to ask our support team.

How do I cancel my recurring payment for an existing SSL I've ordered from PANTHUR?

Please refer to this guide.

If you have any further questions regarding AutoSSL feel free to contact our support team anytime.