•   19-02-2020 04:11

How to find the Email Header / EML in Mac Mail

Every email that's sent has 2 parts, the body (what you see when you read the message), and the header. The header has information like the server the email came from, who sent it, what time it was sent, who the email was intended for. This information is important when you get a suspicious email or spam email that slips through the SPAM filter, as it can help find where exactly the email originated from.


Step 1 - (1) Open the email you want the EML for, so it's open in its own window then (2) Click View > Message > Raw Source



Step 2 - Copy the headers by right clicking, selecting all (or highlighting the whole windows) and then choosing copy. Now you can close this window and paste the header into a text document or email to send to us to investigate for you.