How to move your DNS to Panthur

Before updating a domain's nameservers to point to us, you need to have a backup of the DNS records. The best way to get these would be to login to your current DNS hosting provider and copy the records from there. This is often called a zone-dump or zone-file.

You can alternatively use this site to get your main DNS records, however this will not list all records:

The important records are the CNAME, MX, A and TXT records. Make sure you either copy/paste all the records into a text document or take a screenshot of them. Click here for a guide on taking screenshots.

If your website and email are both with us, just contact your domain registrar and ask to update the Nameservers for your domain to ours which are listed bellow (if your domain is with us click here for a guide to update them)

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Nameserver 3:
Nameserver 4:

If you're unsure who your domain name is currently with, use the websites to check .au domains and for all others.

If your email isn't with us, you will need to add the MX the external MX record. Click here for a guide on how to do that. You also need to enable SPF (click here for a guide). Check with your email provider for for the SPF records then add them in (click here for a guide on adding extra SPF records). The SPF record should include the domain names and IP addresses you see in the TXT record which starts with "v=spf .

If your website isn't hosted by us, log into cPanel (click here for a guide) and click on the Zone Editor   icon. Then click Manage next to your domain.

Find the main A record for your domain and click Edit

Update the IP address to the one from the DNS records you saved earlier, then click Save Record