How to Add External SPF records in cPanel

When you use a third party web or email hosting service, you may be asked to add an SPF record so emails going out of the server will send properly and not end up being rejected or in spam/junk folders.

Before you start:
Make sure you have SPF enabled. Click here for our guide on enabling SPF and make sure you stay in the same Authentication menu.


You will be asked to add one of 4 types of SPF records. Note that while I've detailed the 4 types of SPF records bellow, all function the same way and as long as the


Hosts: If your website is hosted externally and being used to send email (for example, for contact forms), add the record here.



MX Servers: If you're asked to add an MX record, add it here.


IP Addresses (IPv4 or IPv6): If you're asked to add an IP address of any type, add it here


Include List: External email servers (such as Google Suite and Office 365) are normally added here


Step 3 - Once you've added the SPF record, click Update (bottom of the screen) to save your changes